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HINT: In Map View, tap vehicle location push pin's for more information.

Live Demo = User: demo Password: demo

Recent News & Updates
07/Dec/2016: Tuesday Night Update - Protocol Optimization
30/Nov/2016: Tuesday night minor & software updates.
26/Nov/2016: Increased Session Timeout to 3hrs.
25/Nov/2016: Updated - Check user details parameters
23/Nov/2016: Tuesday night minor & software updates.
22/Nov/2016: New "Tracks" Google App uploaded to Google Play store.
22/Nov/2016: Updated Vehicle Detail Report with more time options.
19/Nov/2016: Added check user info
18/Nov/2016: Updated all reports "Download CSV" button operation.
18/Nov/2016: Updated Vehicle Detail Report to include map link on Co-ordinates.

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